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About Fred Hoogervorst

Nature, Wildlife, Environment and Travel Photography

FredHoogervorst is Professional Nature- Environment- and Travel Photographer, living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, will be transfered to the Netherlands on the 22th of august 2019 and will be based in the Noordoostpolder, Flevoland.

The Subjects focussed on, chosen either by personal initiative or by assignments, include Tropical Rainforests, African Nature and Wildlife, Coastal Environments, remarkable area's like Borneo, French Guiana, Seychelles, Sahel Countries, Uganda, Indonesia, Borneo, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya, Southern Africa, Mozambique, Patagonia, Trinidad&Tobago, the Caribbean and Antilles, Suriname, Scandinavia and Antarctica.


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south africa kruger national park nature wildlife birds southern ground hornbill close-up vertical

south africa kruger national park nature wildlife birds southern ground hornbill close-up vertical