If you try to accept the truth, everyone loves watching the Marvel Studios films whether it is the Captain America or the Endgame. However there are few people who do not know much about the Marvel cinematic Universe. Actually, this is the production home of all Marvel movies and it produces the films. Marvel cinematic Universe has Marvel television shows, books, comics, and films. This is why it can be very difficult for anyone to determine the order of the films. In easy words, you want to decide the timeline of watching the Marvel cinematic Universe released movies.

Start with Captain America

First and foremost, you need to fit in your brain that Captain America: the First Avenger should be the film with which you can start the order of Marvel movies. It means you need to avoid Iron Man film in the starting. Captain America is the fifth movie from Marvel studios. While deciding the MCU movies in order, this is how you get started.

Follow the MCU timeline list

On the other hand, you can consider the alternative of following the MCU timeline list in which both movies and TV shows are involved. This is yet another particular option you have got to settle on the timeline of Marvel movies.

Right order to watch marvel movies

Perhaps, you do not have enough knowledge about the right order which you need to follow for watching Marvel movies. However, you can start with the Captain America film which was released in the year 2011. After watching this movie, you can go with the Captain Marvel movie released in the year 2019.

In this particular order, you can come to the Iron Man movie released in 2008. In the similar way, you have to watch the Iron Man 2 movie which was released in the year 2010. It is advised to watch The Incredible Hulk released in 2008 after watching the previous film.

Now, this would be the best time for you to watch Thor movie that was released in the year 2011. You can come back to the Avengers movie that was released in the year 2012 to follow the same order and timeline. Similarly, you can watch the rest of the Marvel movies according to their timeline.  Here, you have become familiar with the MCU movies in order concept.

Where we can watch marvel movies?

After deciding the timeline and the order of the Marvel movies, you would be excited to know where you can watch them. Although there are lots of platforms available, but you still want to have with the best platform. It means you can consider some platforms like Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, and other reputable portals.

In the conclusion part, you just need to be aware of the credentials and reviews of the platform you have selected. The selected Marvel movies streaming site or app should have increased ratings and reviews. If you find such kind of a platform, then you do not need to consider any other streaming site to watch the marvel movies.